Insect Bites

Generally insect bites humans when it is uptight of some act, which is a natural defense mechanism, but there are parasites as well which try to feed off by biting you. Some insects release formic acid and when it bites you, the formic acid is injected into your skin, which results skin irritation and allergic reaction. This skin reaction is known as anaphylaxis.

We generally do not bother much about insect bite as we know it can be cured by little care and handling but some insect bites can take dangerous form if not treated on time. Initially it is hard to understand that which insect bite can be dangerous. Let us read in detail about the same so if we ever have to face such situation, we will know what action has to be taken.

Are All Insects Dangerous?

Well, all the insects are not harmful to lead you to the hospital. A general mosquito of ant bite may not cause more than a little irritation for a day or so but a sting from wasp, bee, fire ant or hornet can be quite a bit painful.

Some ants are also poisonous so they might inject some poisonous substance in you which can cause great harm to your body or that particular part of it. A systemic reaction of an anthropod (insects that live on land and have 6 legs) can also affect a large area of the body besides the area of the bite.

Causes of Insect Bites:

As mentioned above, insects do not bite unless provoked. Same as the human defense system, insects have one too. When they feel insecure of something or someone, they use their sting as natural reaction which releases some amount of formic acid.

Parasites do not have the same reason to bite you. Parasites are the insect that feed from others; hence they bite you to suck your blood. Generally these insects do not release very harmful substance and the formic acid gives u a little irritation on the bitten skin or a little bump but some of them also might be dangerous. A mosquito or an ant won't harm you much unless that is a female Anopheles mosquito.

Bed bugs may give you a bad experience as they bite continuous on skin and the irritation lasts for a couple of days.

Insect Bites in Babies:

cure and prevention for insect bites

Insect bites are common in babies as babies are not able to keep their self away from such insects. Mosquito bites are highly common in babies but there is no need to panic about these insect bites.

Unless your baby shows some unusual symptoms of skin infection irritation or fever, you do not need to react on it. Babies cannot handle these insect bites, hence when there is itching or irritation on their skin, they start to cry. You need to apply some moisturizer or cream on your baby's skin. This will soothe the irritation and will relax the baby.

Preventions and Cure for insect bites:

The best way of preventing your place from bugs or insects is to keep it clean and hygienic. Insects generally reside in filthy dirty places. Unclean corners and humid places are their favorite stops. Try keeping your place clean and airy.

If you see irritation or bump on the skin and suspect it to be an insect bite, do not itch. Insect bites are generally irritating and inflammable but itching on the skin can lead it to worse condition. Apply some antibacterial cream on it and keep cleaning with some antiseptic. Try to prevent the infected area from dirt. If you see the infection spreading, check with your doctor immediately.

The best way to prevent babies from insect bites is to keep them in mosquito net. Applying mosquito cream is also a good idea but remember, there are special mosquito creams for babies that are gentle and safe.

Insects are small creatures that may cause big problems. Being bit attentive and careful can help many problems. Insect bites need proper care and treatment. So now you know what to do when an insect bites. Live healthy, Live Happy!