Commercial Construction in MA

General Article


Construction can seem to be ubiquitous sometimes. It seems something is always going up somewhere. The state of Massachusetts certainly has its share. New houses are part of the building process, but there is also commercial construction. Office buildings, factories and warehouses are just three examples of commercial structures. The process is a little different from residential construction and usually on a much bigger scale.

The Start

Let’s say you are starting a business and you need a manufacturing facility with office space. You need a parcel of land and an architect first. You can either find and purchase the land and have the architect design a building that suits your needs and will fit on that land or get the design first and find a suitable piece of land. You then will search for construction companies MA and find one that can build what you need within your budget.


Once you have secured a construction company, they will clear the land. This requires heavy equipment as trees must be taken down and the lot leveled and prepared for the foundation. With the foundation in place, construction of the building itself can begin. Depending on the size of your structure this can take from several weeks to several months. Permits must be acquired and everything must be up to the code of local authorities. When the outer structure is finished, interior walls, plumbing and wiring can be installed. Driveways, parking lots and loading docks will be put in place and you may even wish to have some landscaping done to make your building aesthetically pleasing.

Building a structure for your business can be a challenging project. With the help of a good construction company with experience in commercial buildings, you can have exactly the structure you need to help your business grow and flourish.