How practical they are, the versatile cosmetic bottles

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And how do you store cosmetics? Where do you keep foundation, eyeshadow, perfume and serums and toners? How can you keep them with you in convenient, small but high-quality packaging? Very simple, choose cosmetic bottles. You have them in plastic, but the best cosmetic bottles are made of glass. Cosmetic bottles are ideal to give any cosmetic product an excellent storage place.

Choose cosmetic bottles in your favorite color

Why should you prefer glass? Quite simply. Glass is durable and fully recyclable. Glass is also completely safe, non-porous and impermeable. So with that, they have all the properties that make proper storage of cosmetics possible. In the cosmetic bottles your beauty is perfectly stored. Moreover, you choose exactly the bottles that meet your needs and that you find handy. In exactly the color that appeals to you.

A solution to any packaging problem

Yes, the range of cosmetic bottles is very large. You have special bottles for serums, toners, facial cream, eye shadows and eyeliners. There is very much to choose from when it comes to the shape of the bottles and certainly the caps. In principle, however, every packaging need can be met. There is simply always a solution to every packaging problem.

Perfume from a handy spray bottle

You can opt for a spray bottle in which you keep your favorite perfume. You can also opt for roll-on bottles, there is a choice of cap and dropper bottles available just like pipette bottles. When it comes to cosmetic bottles, we can actually offer customization. You will always find exactly the glass bottle you are looking for. Can’t miss it. There are few products that can offer such a wide range and so many different types and sizes as cosmetic bottles.

Use your common sense when choosing the perfect cosmetic bottles

The sizes, the shapes, the colors. There is plenty of choice when it comes to cosmetic bottles. However, don’t always be led by the look or shape of a bottle. Make sure you know which product to keep in which bottle. Follow the packaging methods as you are used to from the stores. Mascara is a great example in this regard. Mascara comes in small packages by default. So don’t be stubborn and buy a medium or even a large bottle for that product. In other words, use your common sense when choosing cosmetic bottles.

Do not forget to visit the wholesale dopper bottles

If you are someone who really likes glass products and you have found your perfect cosmetic bottles by now? Then be sure to check out the wholesale dropper bottles. The glass products you’ll see there are, as you undoubtedly know, also very worthwhile and versatile in terms of application possibilities.